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Sample Slab Update #1 - February 2015 

Welcome to the modest beginning of Sample Slab Update. This newsletter discusses sample and related coin and 
currency slabs, including news, market information, and research. If interest arises, it may also include offers to 
trade slabs, articles from contributors, and reader comments. 

I plan to release this newsletter about every two months. If you know someone who would like to receive it, 
please give me their email or have them email me. At the same time, I will quickly remove you from the mailing 
list on request. 

I hope that, as a sample collector, you find this brief publication of interest in the coming months. Please contact 
me for any reason. 

David Schwager 


News - Market Notes 

The advanced NGC collector known as yonico or yonicoin liquidated his collection in late November and early 
December, bringing many excellent pieces into the market. In addition to arranging to buy some key NGC samples 
privately, I was happy to purchase a mint state war nickel sample (type 6.2) on eBay. Selling for $127.50, this NGC 
war nickel appears much less often than the circulated PCGS war nickels. 

I received a consignment of about 200 samples from a former PCGS grader in what I am calling the Grader Hoard. 

It includes samples from a variety of certifiers. The biggest surprise of this ongoing eBay sale was the three 
Hallmark proof 1961 - 1963 nickel samples that sold for $200 - $300 each. Sample collectors recognized that some 
graders appear infrequently and were willing to pay to own an example. The hoard also included the controversial 
and much-discussed PCGS slab with a chocolate Franklin half dollar. 

Possibly because there are more coin than currency collectors, PMG samples are underappreciated in the market. 
When three appeared on eBay in February (only two others had sold in the past year) the US $1 and Canada $1 
with show pedigrees went for only $19.95 each with a single bid. An impressive oversized 1919 Austria 1000 
kronen sold for $63. This is high for a currency sample but much less than an uncommon coin sample would bring. 

News - Book Project 

Another purpose of this newsletter is to gather information, feedback, and advice for a possible book on samples. 
I will start with some general questions where I am interested in hearing your input. 

Is anyone else working on a book on samples? 

Who owns ? I would like to get permission to use the text and photos. Even if I do not get 
permission, I would like to help pay hosting fees to make sure it stays up. 

Who are good contacts at the grading companies? 

Do you have advice on sources for photos? 

Do you have any other advice for me? 

Buy and Sell 

If you would like to include a buy or sell offer in the next Sample Slab Update, please email it to me. Include an 
email address or other contact information so sellers or buyers can reach you. 

Sample Slab Update #1 - February 2015. By David Schwager, Fountain Valley, California, . Please 
email me to be added to or removed from the mailing list. Comments and submissions are welcome.